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What is OEM and why choose Pro-Chem?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) means manufacturer Company A whose finished product are used as a part (or majority) of the final product of another Company B, which they then sell the final product to end users. Typically Company B is referred to as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) because by augmenting or incorporating features or services, it adds value to the original item. The Company B works closely with the Company A, which often customizes designs based on Company B's needs and specifications.

OEM capabilities

We at Pro-Chem have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing laundry chemicals, household and car care cleaning chemicals, industrial cleaning solutions, therapeutic massage solutions, and many more chemical solutions. Over the years we have build an extensive network of supply chain contacts for bottling, packaging, labeling and raw materials for manufacturing. We have a wide range of VARs, from large multinational direct selling companies, to local distributors and even small medium enterprises. Furthermore, we are a GMP and Halal Certified company, which means that the products are manufactured with quality assurance, safe and secure.

How we can bring value and work with you:

If you have a product idea (ideally with a strategy in place to market and sell), let us know and we can consult you on the product.

We can offer:

- In-house graphic design

- Guidance on getting your products halal

- Transport to your distribution hub

- Competitive pricing for your maximum profitability

- Consultation on your product idea based on our extensive experience in this field.

You just have to focus on marketing and selling the products from your end. Leave the production hassle to us.

If you wish to find our more about us, give us a call, or leave a message on the contact form. We will get back to your as soon as possible to realize the dream of your potential lucrative business venture!


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