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We are an R&D focused laundry chemical manufacturer

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

More than often we hear our dobi customers say, "It's not worth cleaning this expensive clothing or article. The stain can't be removed" or "It's just not possible to remove this stain with my current range of products".

We are just a phone call away and modern technology even allows us to do video calls to see the exact stain as well. Dobi owners can inform their customers to let them try fabric spotting and then discuss with us about the nature of the stain, before rejecting the job itself. It could have been a win-win-win solution for all parties with just a bit more communication work.

Over 20 years of experience, we can deal with all sorts of difficult stains with our in-house R&D chemist team and wide supply chain network. Give us your toughest stains and we will strive to solve it for you.

We aim to achieve all of these criteria below. Tell us if you think we have missed out on anything and we are more than happy to add another item to our portfolio below!

- Effective cleanliness

- Efficient stain removal (Grease, Blood, Ink, Human Soiling, Food, Wine, Rust, Mildew)

- Softness

- Fragrance (After wash and Lasting)

- Easy iron glide and Good crispness

- Less wrinkle formation during the wash cycle and improved wrinkle removal after washing.

- Better color retention and improved stain protection.

- Safe and environmentally friendly

- Cost-effectiveness


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