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The Safer Food Grade Disinfectant for F&B and Transport Industry

During the latest MCO 2.0 extension, the National Security Council (NSC) have allowed restaurants to open for dine-in according to the capacity of the table with physical distancing of at least 1 meter between customers. Another key relaxation of the MCO 2.0 is the maximum number of car passengers depends on the seating capacity of the vehicle.

Whilst this is good news to many people who are tired of cooking everyday, and fatigued from traffic jam, we still need to be aware and mindful of practice social distancing, maintain personal hygiene and regular disinfection of the premise and car.

One of the key standard of practice (SOP) mandate from the NSC is to disinfect the premise at least 3 times a day with food grade disinfectant and provide alcohol based hand sanitizer to visitors. There should also be a staff to help manage the front door and make sure the premise is not overcrowded. For motor vehicles, although the SOP are not stated clearly about private and public transport, it should be disinfected and sanitized regularly. We recommend weekly disinfection for personal use. As for public use, it should be daily or (if possible) every after passenger change.

However, what is considered a food grade disinfectant?

Food Grade Disinfectant are disinfectant chemicals which have a controlled amount of active ingredient concentration sufficient to disinfect but not too much that the normal human body cannot process the chemical intake safely. They are usually regulated by the appropriate authorities such as FDA in the United States, or the Ministry of Health in Malaysia. Food Grade Disinfectants are widely used in food processing factories as they need to maintain a daily disinfection regime for all food contact surfaces (i.e mixing tanks, machine parts, table surfaces). Therefore, a cost effective method is necessary whilst maintaining an acceptable disinfection level. Fogging disinfection is usually a good choice to cover a very large area.

Not all types of disinfectants are suitable for food grade as some are potentially poisonous even at a very little concentration, when accidentally ingested. Therefore, it is always best to double check what is the active ingredient used for your business disinfection chemical.

If you have any doubts of your current disinfectant chemical used, or just wanted to have another opinion, feel free to reach out to us and our team will be happy to assist.


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