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Hypoallergenic Detergent and Baby Sensitive Skin

According to Department of Dermatology, Radboud University Medical Center, people classifying themselves as having sensitive skin, perceive skin discomfort by stinging, burning or itching sensation. In most cases, visible signs of skin irritation are frequently absent. If you experience these symptoms, you may have allergic contact dermatitis. It will cause your body trigger an immune system response and make the skin irritated and itchy. The substances that may lead to this cause is mostly by toxins, such as harsh and harmful chemicals in cosmetic, preservative in foods, detergent or cleaning products.

If one of your family members is facing this type of allergy, it's an important to choose the right product especially homecare products such as detergent and cleaning product. Some labels will list their active ingredients and also list chemicals which it is free of. It is important to examine your product before you purchase it so that you can avoid using harmful products that will cause a lot of discomfort to skin.

As an alternative, using hypoallergenic products may help ease the pain of sensitive skin users and delicate babies’ skin. Majority of laundry products are made with strong harsh chemicals which are not eco-friendly as well. These chemicals may linger on your clothes after washing and could lead to a skin irritation outbreak. Generally, babies have a much sensitive skin and easily causes eczema. That’s why baby detergent formulas do not contain dyes, fragrance and other harsh chemicals.

We are very much aware with the current market trend hypoallergenic. Hence, we have formulated Woolite as an alternative solution for customers to use. It comprises no harsh chemicals and suitable for all fabric types and baby sensitive skin. It also is an effective cleaning and stain removing solution.

Having an extra rinse cycle to your current laundry process will help to rinse off excess detergent that may be lingering on the fabric. However, it usually is better to complete change your detergent, as some harsh detergent chemicals hidden at the collar and sleeves of cloth may be difficult to rinse off.

Reach out to us, Pro-Chem Industrial Sdn Bhd, your fabric care specialist, if you have any further questions about delicate washing.


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