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Covid Era Survival : Keep Clean and Stay Disinfected

It is almost reaching to our Covid-19 anniversary as we have been living in a time of turmoil. Everyone are used to wearing masks, rubbing hand sanitizers wherever we go and practicing social distancing in order to overcome this long war. It is an unprecedented event history worth telling your next generation.

When it comes to disinfection products, there are plenty out there in the market at the moment, ranging from your disinfection sprays, anti bacterial cleaning agents, and alcohol based sanitizers. Each of them have their own specific purpose and should not be used to replace each other.

Alcohol Based Sanitizers

This type of sanitizer are often used in the medical field for ease of disinfection. The alcohol (with the help of water) destroys the microorganism's cell wall and the inside of the cell is dissolved. This type of sanitizer is for user convenience, as you eliminate dangerous virus and bacteria without the need for washing your hands. The alcohol and water will evaporate from your skin quickly over time.


Disinfectants are chemical agents which are for killing infectious organisms. They are typically used to clean surfaces like furniture, walls and floors of building premises. There are a lot of types of chemicals which can be used as disinfectants and each have their own specific functionality for different industry sectors.

Being a chemical solution, it is often toxic to ingest even on a diluted version. Therefore, it must not be used for sanitizing hands. One must always make sure to wash your hands after using disinfectants, and if large amount of disinfectant is left on surface, it is best to wipe it away in case of potential human contact.

Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Agents

This type of cleaning agents effectively eliminate the harmful microorganisms with the help of water washing it away. They are the most effective way to prevent yourself from getting Covid-19 or any other bacteria/virus induced illness and diseases.

It is also recommended by many governments and world organizations such as CDC and WHO, as it is economical and practical to use by everyone.

If you have any questions or need any advice about the type of sanitizers you need to use for yourself or business purposes, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call. We can help point you to the right direction.


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