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5 ways to prepare for the upcoming 68-hour water disruption in Selangor and KL

We can't have a rainbow without a little rain, hence, in order to ensure we have continuous water supply in the future, Air Selangor has announced scheduled maintenance works that will affect multiple areas across Selangor and KL.

Details of the announcement can be found on the Air Selangor website link here.

For our valued customers (and any other interested parties), we would like to share some tips and ideas so that you will be better prepared for this little planned inconvenience.

1. Prepare enough drinking water

Water is a basic need for survival. Make sure you stock up on enough safe drinking water for consumption for everyone in your household/business during the disruption period. Or take this opportunity to quench your thirst by trying out some local developed flavoured water by Spritzer, collaboration with ByEggs.

Stocking up on bottled water from a nearby supermarket might be a good idea. However, if there isn't any stock available in the middle of the night and your water is muddy, collect the water into a bucket, wait until the soil sediment fully, then use the top part of the water to boil before drinking to ensure all bacteria is completely eliminated.

2. Keep informed and share accurate information

In this era of misinformation, it is crucial to be make sure the source is accurate and official. We have included the link to the official Air Selangor here again to play a part in society to share accurate information.

Stay up to date so that you can react to any changes and also feel free to share with your friends/colleagues/family.

3. Adjust Water Usage Wisely

Besides drinking water, it will also be wise to do some planning on other daily water usage activities strategically. This includes necessities such as showering, laundry, doing the dishes, watering the plants, the list goes on.

Rationing water usage will be good idea, especially if there is an absence of an ample water storage solution (for example a water tank) on site.

You might want to consider delaying your washing or laundry if possible. One thing you can do is to soak the dishes in a good dish washing liquid and finish them up when water resumes. This might be a good solution especially for restaurants to avoid storing huge amount of water while ensuring business as usual.

Other than that, you can also look into specialized surface cleaning chemicals to keep the place clean and tidy with minimal use of water. There are plenty of anti-pest cleaning chemical in the marketplace that can keep away pests like cockroaches and ants, especially in places like the kitchen, during the water shortage period.

4. Aftermath

One thing that you noticed when the water supply resumes will be the yellowish brown water flowing out from your tap. It is normally just the sediment and dirt in the plumbing and will clear out once you live the tap on for a while.

However for businesses such as laundry and dobi, this water might contaminate the washing process. We recommend using a specialized detergent for your laundry to easily solve this little issue.

5. Stay positive and help others in need

At last, being optimistic and having a good mental state is the most important to get through this little hurdle in your daily life. For those who are more fortunate, there is no harm to extend a helping hand to the people around you: a neighbour, a customer, a friend or even a total stranger.

Together, we might even find joy in this little twist in our repetitive daily routine!


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